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Protein Formula 3 15ml (Hydrate)



Protein Formula 3

Substitute for Nailtiques Protein Formula 3. Finally, an alternative nail treatment product range to rival the gap left in the market left by Nailtiques!

Nails are dry & flaky. They snap and break at a low point in the nail plate. If you have dry skin and dry hair your nail type will generally, be the same. Nails need a surge of moisture and hydration.

Proteins are made up of many building blocks, known as amino acids. Our body needs dietary protein to supply amino acids for the growth and maintenance of our cells and tissues. Protein and amino acids are essential for healing and repairing damaged tissue, including that of hair, skin and nails. They also increase cell turnover (the sloughing off of old skin/hair/nail cells to make room for new cells).


  • Sophisticated and breathable.
  • Helps hydrate the nails and increase nail flexibility.
  • Defeneding the nails from brittleness and breakage.
  • Leaves the nails feeling conditioned and healthy.
  • Restructure and strengthens.
  • Prevents damage.
  • Adds moisturise and brightens.
  • Aids in hydration.
  • Increases flexibility.


  • Apply one coat of Protein Formula 3 every other day.
  • Remove after 7 days with non-acetone remover and repeat.
  • Continue this until nail condition improves, then move onto Protein Formula 1.


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