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Three new Breathable Treatments, formulated to restore and protect the health of your natural nails, “naturally”. Vegan formulas packed with plant proteins, jojoba, calcium and vitamins. Cruelty free and clean.

While Breathable 1-Step Colour is great at ensuring that healthy nails stay healthy, sometimes we need a little extra help!  This new range of treatments target specific needs to help hydrate, strengthen and nourish natural nails.


Plant Powered Strength, this vegan formula, enriched with Jojoba and Pea Proteins, prevents splitting and peeling for stronger nails. Plant-based proteins reduce breakage and improve nail flexibility.

Directions: Apply one coat to all nails daily for seven days. as the nail condition is restored, use every 3-4 days. Use with ORLY Breathable Cuticle Oil to promote healthier nails.


Thin, weak nails?
Build strength with this Vegan Calcium and Vitamin B5 enriched nail strengthener. Vitamin C and Argan Oil combine to nourish dry, damaged and thin nails.

Directions: Apply one coat to all nails once a day for a minimum of one week. Repeat for stronger, thicker nail growth.Use with ORLY Breathable Cuticle Oil to promote healthier nails.


Nourish & Hydrate
Treat your nails and cuticles to the ultimate hydration with this blend of Argan Oil, Jojoba Oils and Vitamin E. All Natural Bergamot and Citrus Essential Oils rejuvenate your cuticles and Cardamom Seed Oil protects your skin.


Protein Boost, Calcium Boost, Cuticle Oil

1 review for Orly Breathable Treatments

  1. Jenny Birch

    I’ve been using the Calcium Boost for only a couple of days so far and already my nails have improved, and finally started to grow at long last. They also feel smoother to the touch and definitely more hydrated.

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